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Album Cover.jpegAnnie Lou is a contemporary descendant of old time folk and mountain music – original and traditional songs delivered with toe-tapping delight and superb musicianship

- 2015 Canadian Folk Music Award Nomination for  Traditional Singer of the Year

- Presenting workshops at Dare to Be Square West 2015

- Touring BC, Alberta, ad Saskatchewan February 2016

– Teaching at music camps in Saskatchewan, Yukon, and BC summer 2016



“Annie Lou’s music is loose and playful, intense and breezy; performed by a smart woman and her highly polished sizzling band.” – John Apice, No Depression Magazine

 “There is magic here: superior picking, excellent rhythm work, impressive and whimsical lyrics. Genest’s lead vocal style echoes the McGarrigles and Sylvia Tyson, but she is irrefutably herself.” -  Donald Teplyske, Country Standard Time

“There’s an intoxicating quality to (the music of) Annie Lou…it transports you back to simpler times, at the barn dance, sipping from a flask and twirling around the dance floor with your beloved. Each song is sung and played with skill, humour and gusto, with fine talent and craftsmanship throughout, just what you’d expect from a genre rooted in traditional values.”  Doug Swanson, Penguin Eggs

“The music that Annie Lou plays is resonant, vital, and often fun because it is rooted in the everyday. This self-titled debut is a vibrant and vital recording graced with exceptional songwriting.” – Pat Langston, Penguin Eggs

“Genest’s (writing) cleaves closely to Garrison Keillor and Mark Twain, and Lord knows we can always use a sharp eye leavened by a warm heart.” - Mark S. Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“You’ll carry the songs with you even when they’re playing on no other music delivery system than your own memory.” - Jerome Clark, Rambles.net